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KLK :: Nonon "this will be great!"

harukakamiya in j_sets

Yay, my first set! ^o^....and an icon

looking back at these now is making me realize just how small 100x100 is. O_O Not really satisfied with the fated icon/avatar, but whatever.

please let me know what you think! I might do a sig to match the JEWEL icon...


For a first try you did a great job! I do have a few critiques, if you don't mind, to help you.

I really like how you blended the two hand pictures together in the fated sig, and how you made the right one slightly transparent. But what is that black thing? Is that a part of the picture I can't remember?

The brushes you used were nice, but they don't really match the colour-scheme of the picture..maybe if they were less bright?

Regardless, these are fantastic for a first try, and great job on the icon! Love the colouring.
the black box thingy is a part of the crashed motorcycle I think.