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KLK :: Nonon "this will be great!"

harukakamiya in j_sets

I have started to play with Photoshop 7, and these are the result! I like it...kinda. Please tell me what you think! Of course, I still have a lot to learn! ^^

momentumwp1.jpg picture by HarukaKamiya
the Ayu in the middle I think is too big... and I could've made the text a little more ghostly

ladiesnightwp.jpg picture by HarukaKamiya
I like this one...I was experimenting with the saturation and such...

shyonewpcopy.jpg picture by HarukaKamiya
I really like what I did to the bars. blurring is fun ^^

click on the thumnails to see them bigger.

I can take requests if you'd like me to, but I can't promise anything amazing like Megan-chan's!


Are these wallpapers? Good experimentation! I love to see how you're playing with all the different effects. Your blending is quite good! Great job!
yeah, they're wallpapers! ^^
'course, it would kinda help if the pictures weren't cut off, lol ^^ I'll go fix that
I love your blending!